Monday, March 28, 2011

Kind of a boring week. It rained all week and I didn't have my camera. Lots of funny things though! It rains all day non-stop and it rains HARD. We had another baptism this weekend (March 26th). He has been scared to be baptized for the past 4 months. Sometimes it just takes a little (TLC) ha ha Not! I was kind of mean to him but it worked. I love you all. Be safe. We had a knife pulled on us, good thing I went to Gold's. PEACE. Elder Nielsen Out!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We had to go to Georgetown this week it is not a fun place. We had to stay in a trailer for 2 days it was super nasty and smelly. We did find 5 people to baptize and that was a ball. We have another baptism this week, Larry Bahm. He has been waiting to get baptized for 6 months and I finally told him if you don't want to get baptized we are leaving because you are wasting our time. I love it out here it has been pretty warm. If it hits 82 the jackets can come off, it has been 90-100 all week and it is only March. The summer is going to be pretty hot I have a feeling. Might reach 125 they said. I love you all have a great week!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

This is Elder O' Toole he is such a funny guy I love him. What a baller. This week was not too exciting. I fell into a river with my bike crossing a pipe. It rained sooooooooo hard every inch of my body was wet. I can't believe how freakin hard it can rain. It rained 1 foot in 45 minutes it was super intense.

I miss you all. It is super HOT and super fun here. I love my new roomies.

Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm doing awesome. Transfers are every 6 weeks and they happened on March 3rd so I am in Summerville for six more at least, but I have a feeling it will be my last six here.

Man I love it here I LOVE IT. The people are so great and my comp is awesome. Elder O'Toole and Holyoak the new guys are super fun.