Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Two more years please!!!!

This is our week. That's my trainee Elder Brannan in the pic with the 3 other missionaries and his trainee so "my grandson". They use family terms as missionary lingo so i guess that's kind of my family line. I drove two of those missionaries back in the mission van from a meeting this week into the upstate of Greenville, it was a fun trip. Then I drove those two and ten other missionaries back home. We had a baptism of a sweet sister who loves the gospel so much. That is a picture of me and my comp and him dancing in the church! We have such a good time together. I love it so much! Things are great here and I think I'm ready to start my time again and go 2 more! I love this work and this gospel. I know its true its so much fun!
Love you all,
Elder Nielsen

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The church is growing

It has been a good week and there were some huge changes. The ward I'm working with got a new Bishopric and we got a another ward put into our Stake. It was fun because there were only a few people (including us) who went to the meeting where they told about the changes. I'm excited about all the changes and growth potential in this area.
I really love this work. I love it so much. Great things are happening and it is just so much fun to be part of it.
Love you all,
Elder Dane Nielsen