Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We had a good week in Myrtle Beach. Here is a picture of the beach right before we got moved to Florence to get out of the path of Hurrican Irene. It was pretty intense. We have a baptism this weekend. I love it in Myrtle Beach it is my favorite area by far. It is great. Don't know what else to say it is just ballin!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Transfers happened this past week and I got transferred to Myrtle Beach. Ya Buddy! It is such a ripe area. I love it here. We are going to have a lot of baptisms. We have one this Saturday with a 9 year old that we just said you need to be baptized. We ran on the beach this morning and watched the sun rise.... it was so much fun. The ward is awesome too. The said they want me to just baptize which is really exciting because I haven't heard those works since I left Summerville.
Picture of me at the zoo in West Columbia.
Dane has the acronym 'WWPMD' on his wall. It stands for 'What Would President McConkie Do'.

Monday, August 15, 2011

This is me and my last week in West Columbia. YES!!! I can't wait to leave. We had a baptism. The bishop here doesn't like me. We had "WARD WAR 3". They don't like us to baptize, but that is my speciality. I am getting moved this week hopefully to Myrtle Beach.
I finished the Book of Mormon last week and I started over and in 6 days I have made it to Alma. I'm going to try and finish in 15 days and then try it even faster. I love the Book of Mormon. It is great. READ IT! Check out my profile on mormon.org..... search for Dane Nielsen. I challenge you to make your own profile so I can show my gators them and help the progress of your testimonies. I want all you to go out with the missionaries and find them someone to teach!

Monday, August 8, 2011

No pics this week it rained all week and I don't take my camera when it rains. Transfers are this week. It is weird to have it rain all the time and be soaking wet and it still be a 100+ degrees. It is NASTY!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Well kind of a slow week. My ribs still hurt and we only had two baptisms. The parents of the girl who is nine said they want the girl to wait until September to get baptized, I hope we can talk her out of that. Not much going on here! Way HOT and biking in it is not FUN!

Well this week was FREAKING HOT! 115 in the shade. Holy cow. In this picture it is 106 at 5:43 pm, but that really means it is 115 because the heat index is about 8-10 degrees. I wrecked on my bike this week right in front of the church. I muffed my hand up and I think I bruised or cracked a rib it has been hurting, but I don't want to stop working.
It was a slower week not any baptisms but we have 3 this weekend. Ha ya buddy! It is good here in West Columbia. I started reading the Book of Mormon again on Wednesday and my goal is to finish it in 20 days, so far I am in Alma. I love the Book of Mormon, it is a great tool the Lord has given us to know this church is true. I love being a missionary it is so much fun. Love "ya'll". Till next week.