Monday, May 23, 2011

JUDGEMENT DAY DIDN'T HAPPEN! I got asked over 50 times if it was really going to happen and all I said was NO, and if it doesn't will you get baptized into our church? Super fun week!! I got a call this week from President McConkie and he told me I am training a new missionary. I am so excited for that! It is getting really hot in South Carolina, the temperature the other day was 103 and 80 percent humidity. They say it gets worse I just don't see how it can. You walk outside and you are sweating everywhere. It is okay though because everyone here is sweaty and smelly, it is just so hot that people don't even care. It is about to get a lot warmer. I hope everyone is doing good. Talk to you next week. Shoot me an e-mail or letter if you have time. I love mail! Make sure to read the BOOK OF MORMON daily!!

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