Monday, August 1, 2011

Well this week was FREAKING HOT! 115 in the shade. Holy cow. In this picture it is 106 at 5:43 pm, but that really means it is 115 because the heat index is about 8-10 degrees. I wrecked on my bike this week right in front of the church. I muffed my hand up and I think I bruised or cracked a rib it has been hurting, but I don't want to stop working.
It was a slower week not any baptisms but we have 3 this weekend. Ha ya buddy! It is good here in West Columbia. I started reading the Book of Mormon again on Wednesday and my goal is to finish it in 20 days, so far I am in Alma. I love the Book of Mormon, it is a great tool the Lord has given us to know this church is true. I love being a missionary it is so much fun. Love "ya'll". Till next week.

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