Sunday, February 5, 2012

Never drive in wet cement

It was a great week...we had two baptisms.  We baptized a mother and her daughter.  It was
such a great experience.

The car wheel in the cement was a long story! I was trying to cross a "small river" ha ha ha
(the small river part is an inside joke).  The workers said, "Oh it should be fine to go thru,
it should be dry".  So I was like "WOW" I don't know much about cement, but that looks
really wet.  So I tried it with one tire and sank to the frame.  Ha ha, luckily I have had some
"experience" with getting high centered with Grandpa, so I was able to back out.  It was so

It really was a great week.  I love it here and love the work.  I am really looking forward to
this week because we have two appointments set up with two great Stake Presidents to help
the work move along in this area.

I love you all!!!

Love Elder Dane Nielsen

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