Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Old Friend

Elder Nielsen and Elder Houghton, Spanish Fork, Utah...Friends!

I think he found a toy surprise in his cereal...

Elder....do you really think we are taller when we stand on chairs?

"I wonder what our zone numbers will look like"

I think they look good........
Well Elder Gentry Houghton, from Spanish Fork Utah, finally arrived in the field. It was 
so great to see him. This is a picture of us together. (Please forward this picture to 
his mom!) As you can see my day begins with a little "cocoa dyno bytes", Dr. Pepper 
and early morning scripture study. ha,ha! The next picture is of us planning on our map and then getting the numbers from our zone! What a great week. We just had a lady move here from NC, she is amazing and ready to be baptized. My new companion is Elder Haymond...he is a great missionary. I love being a missionary!

I love y'all,
Elder Dane Nielsen

Last week Dane told us that he would not be getting transferred, but would be getting 
a new companion. We were anxious to hear who he would get put with. It was 
Elder Haymond. This is their second transfer together. They served for six 
weeks together in West Columbia.  

Dane told us he is trying to stay focused on just the mission work so he packed 
away everything but his shirts, suits, ties, and study materials. He said anything 
else was a distraction from the work. I told him I was putting together a little 4th of 
July package and asked him if I should send it or not because I did not want to 
distract from his work. He told me to go ahead and send it and he will dispose 
of the unnecessary things properly....

We know Dane is working hard and loves the work....we are so blessed!

We LOVE you Elder Nielsen

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