Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Me and squirrel

This is Virginia our latest baptism.  She is a funny lady, she was so nervous to be baptized.  As we took the picture I told her to put her big girl pants on because the waters a little chilly.  That is why she is covering her face.  HaHa!  I also hit a squirrel, it was way cool. :)  We had a meeting and I got to see Elder Fonnesbeck.  He goes home on Wednesday and I'm way sad.... I love him!

This past week was awesome.  I spent two days in Greenwood helping those Elders.  On Thursday I went to Clemson (home of the Clemson Tigers) then to Columbia for a meeting.  That same day I drove back to Seneca (on the border of South Carolina and Georgia) to do a baptismal interview.  On the way back home I wanted to stop at a Quick Trip (because they have 49 cent slushies) so we called the sister missionaries to ask where one was.  They told us where it was and I asked if there was anyone they wanted us to see (which isn't like me because the Sisters live along ways away).  They said yes there is a lady that needs a blessing so she can hopefully stop smoking and get baptized.  I gave her the blessing and she immediately turned around and asked me to baptize her.  It was way cool!!

I love you all.
Elder Dane (the squirrel killer) Nielsen

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