Monday, October 17, 2011

Dane has been gone now for 11 months today. Time really does go so fast! It was great to hear from him today. He seems so happy and is doing great!

October 17, 2011

This is me at the beach, what a good time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya buddy, ha it was cool! We had a fun day! We have 2 baptism this Saturday and the Spanish Elders are baptizing a family of 6, so we have a total of 8 members to baptize this weekend. We met a way cool guy last Tuesday and he read the whole Book of Mormon by Saturday. The best part is... he is getting baptized on 11/11/2011 MY B-DAY, YA BUDDY!!!!!!!!! Not much else is new here! I am loving the Book of Mormon!!! Read it!!!

It was stake conference this past weekend! We are going too play basketball today. I have been running 5 miles a day for the past 8 days, except Sunday! I guess I am a runner! Things are great here! Stay safe and remember to read the Book of Mormon!!

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