Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas with Dane

We had a wonderful Christmas skyping with Dane. He looked and sounded amazing. He was just transferred to Columbia to be a Zone leader. He told us how he missed Myrtle Beach and the people. He sounded and looked so happy. He asked us to turn the computer around so he could see home and what it looked like. When we turned the screen around he could see out the window and saw mountains with snow on them. He said, "I love mountains and really miss them". He couldn't believe how big the mountains here are. We asked him what kind of food he was loving in SC and he said they have the best Macaroni and Cheese....I love this boy!!

Talking to him made our Christmas magical. The day before Christmas we received an amazing card from some members in Myrtle Beach, the Goss family. They were Baptized right before Dane left the area. Their kind words touched our hearts and made our Christmas the best ever. It is a card we will treasure for ever.

It was so great to see his spiritual growth and how he has turned into a mature young man...We are so proud of him and his service. We are all so blessed!!

We all took turns having our picture taken with Dane!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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